Teknor-Apex Superfoam Comfort Floor Mat, 3 Feet X 5 Feet

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T17 Superfoam Safety/Anti Fatigue Dry Mat, 5/8 inch heavy Superfoam is an incredibly lightweight anti fatigue mat developed designed for ease of dealing with and ergonomic comfort. Made from closed mobile PVC Nitrile foam combination, Superfoam doesn't absorb fluids and is also hugely reluctant to greases, oils, pet animal & vegetable fats. This permits it being worn in places that periodic overspray and dripping happen like dishwashing stations and also bar areas. As Superfoam is little, it is the best mat for locations where mats are routinely settled for clearing up as baking lines, food prep stations and also service counters. Suited to dry basic purpose or perhaps purposes in light damp environments Combines superb anti fatigue qualities and cold weather insulation Made of a closed mobile nitrile rubber foam combination that's unwilling to oils/grease and also doesn't absorb water Beveled on every 4 side to decrease excursion threats Pebble embossed prime surface area beyond doubt footing Lightweight for quick cleaning and handling

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