5Pcs Cjmcu-1051 Tja1051 High-Speed Low Power Can Transceiver For Arduino

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Description: CJMCU 1051 is a high speed CAN transceiver as well as the interface in between the CAN controller as well as the actual physical bus, which offers differential transmit as well as receive options for the CAN controller. The transceiver is developed for the auto industry's high speed CAN software, Transmission fee is around 1Mbit or s. Feature: The TJA1051 is a more sophisticated version of the high speed CAN transceiver TJA1050 with much better electromagnetic compatibility (Electrostatic discharge in addition to emc) (ESD) functioning, with the following features: one. The transceiver just isn't apparent on the bus while the electrical power is off possibly in lower power mode; two. TJA1051T/3 and also TJA1051TK/3 I/O port may be exclusively linked to the 3V ~ 5V microcontroller graphical user interface. These attributes make TJA1051 come to be the most suitable choice for high speed CAN system node TJA1051 doesn't support bus wake standby mode. Program included: five x CAN Transceiver

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