Kimble Natelson Tube By Dwk Life Sciences, Natelson Tube Heprnzd Rd 100Pk

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Chase brand Natelson tubes are built with tapered methods for effortless assortment of micro blood samples Created for use along with the Natelson strategy Packed in lint free cartons Ends can be sealed with clay or perhaps caps Sodium or perhaps lithium heparin can be bought as an exclusive sale Produced from ninety expansion soda lime full glass conforming to USP Type III wishes Product have to be worn in conformity with the planned use statement enumerated on the item or perhaps its accompanying product info. Specifications Values Packaging 600 Each / Case Manuf_Supplier Dwk Life Sciences Kimble Manuf_Supplier_Num 42E603 Assorted Sizes 100_10_50_40 Color No GTIN HCPCS HCPCS Code: NO CODE - PRODUCT DOES NOT MEET HCPCS SPECIFICATIONS

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