Hanna (Hi7004-M) Ph 4.01 Buffer Caliberation Solution; 230Ml

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HANNA' buffer remedies are ready in accordance with accurate formulas and are also standardized with a pH meter calibrated in accordance with the NIST standards.The twenty mL sachets are single dose whereas, for far more insisting on software, you may possibly make a choice between plans of 230 mL, 500 mL, one Liter or perhaps one Gallon (3.78 L).All pH four remedies show batch number, the correlation and expiration date table among temperature and pH. HI 5004, HI 6004, HI 7004L/C, HI 8004L/C and also HI 70004C are provided total with certification of analysis.This buffer excellent is commonly used in drinking water cleaning plants and flowers, in the meals business and just where ever the pH is likely to be a little acidic.

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