Rock Glory Rph0869 Seat Type Car Perfume Air Purifier Cologne/Sea Flavor

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Description: one. Extracting plant essence to fresh new, it's heathy and eco friendly. two. It's rapid aroma diffusion, clean air inner your car. three. The yellow blue has driven ocean taste, the gold yellow has older cologne flavor. four. Clear glass and high-quality crystal design looks very and gorgeous. five. You are able to put it on the core console aided by the non slip mat. Specifications: Brand Rock Series Glory Model RPH0869 Category Seat Type Perfume Body Material Glass ABS Body Color Gold Blue/Gold Yellow Flavor Matching Sea/Cologne Volume 60ml5 Using Time Appr.100 days or weeks Product Dimension 112X82X42mm Non slip Mat Dimension 140X80mm Package Size 145X100X70mm Gross Weight Around 480g Installation: one. Unscrew the cap, get rid of the essential cover. two. Drop in the cotton core and screw the cap. three. Add the non slip mat on the main console or another horizontal plane, then simply repair the prefume bottle bottom level on the mat. Note: one. Make sure you keep it clear of the kid and it's not drinkable. two. Do not tilt and invert the item when you open up the leak proof unit, as well as you must not place it exactly where there's safe keeping airbag. three. Don't fill it completely when it goes empty, takes70 80 precent as the image standard. Program Included: one X Car Perfume one X Non slip Mat one X Cotton-core

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