3Pcs Bathroom Handheld Shatta Sprayer Nozzle Toilet Muslim Bidet Cleaning

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T Adapter Bradd Bidet Sprayer Head Stainless Steel Hose Universal and also Compatible and standard dimension. The T adapter as well as bidet sprayer are each produced by top quality with gorgeous chrome exterior, for clean and dependable operation, they're better compared to Stainless steel materials or abs! The shut off valve offers ability to flip off or maybe reduce/adjust the water pressure coming into the bidet Multipurpose for butt washing, private lightweight bidet, dog bath, uniquely wonderful deal for households with kids, cloth diaper sprayer, feminine hygiene, urinary tract disease cleaning up and also prevention, pregnancy as well as postpartum washing, making clean potty accommodate bowl, along with several more Uncomplicated to setup and easy to work with, easy for just about any bathroom. Comes with DIY add-ons. Complete set for ten Min Installation quickly and easily

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