Sa Co. Tactical All Weather Jacket / Navy Blue / Size 2Xl / Waterproof

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SA Co.'s All Weather Jackets are developed with a breathable moisture wicking clothing as well as provide a waterproof polyester layer. The 3 Layer development deflects wind, pulls away moisture as well as retains body heat. Although the jacket was developed for men and women of the area, this flexible fleece is found on the road for the slopes and is also fantastic for embroidery. The All Weather Jacket includes a lined stand up collar with concealed removable hood, the collar has zipper pouch to keep hood when hood will not be needed, vent zipper under each and every arm, 4" X 4" loop side area of loop and hook on every single shoulder for plot connection, drawstring waist, flexible loop and hook changeable wrist cuffs. SKU: R 9511 Allow 7 Business Days for shipment

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