Yousu Nature Pla Filament 1.75Mm 3D Printing Filaments

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Features:Adopting indigenous fire wood powder as the raw content, the fire wood PLA filament is an innovative composite materials and also comes with non corrodible, moisture resistance, moldproof, alkali.The 3D and anti acid printed system is in close proximity to the influence of solid wood, giving out the fragrance of fire wood while using.The fire wood PLA filaments are special for obtaining the characteristic of natural wood, may be nailed, drilled and carved.Made of naturally degradable green content, the fire wood PLA filament is ideal for healthcare treatment, educating, meal business, other fields.Perfect and architechtural design and style printing impact -- the device printed away has highly accurate color and smooth exterior, rather than warping advantage and then bubbles.Compared to many other ordinary filaments, the wood PLA filament is a lot easier to shape and keep, temperature which is high resisting and no plug.Tests indicates the wood PLA filament is put to use effortlessly much more than 300 hours without blocking.Available for nozzle in sizing 0.4mm, great for nozzle in sizing 0.5mm.

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