Drawtex Hydroconductive Non-Adherent Wo, Dressing, Drawtex, Surgical, 3.5X9.75"

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Drawtex is a hydroconductive, non adherent wound dressing with LevaFiber systems. LevaFiber is combining 2 kinds of absorbent cross action framework which often produces the potential to get exudate from the wound surface area while taking out harmful elements, including slough, necrotic tissue and also bacteria. Hydroconductive debridement which lifts and loosens adherent slough are provided by Drawtex. Actually slough that's not taken up within the dressing migrates to the dressing making sure that it could be quickly eliminated as soon as the dressing is modified. Specifications Values Packaging ten Each or label Manuf_Supplier Steadmed Medical Manuf_Supplier_Num 00349 Assorted Sizes 740_110_20_0 Color No Dressing Type 42312401 GTIN HCPCS HCPCS Code:

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