"My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Magnet - Yellow - Fluttershy"

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"Put a pony up on the refrigerator! Did you understand that the favored ponies of yours are you then magnetic? We've a variety of formally certified My Little Pony: Friendship Will be Magic magnets. Each magnet is approx. 3"" x 2"" and supporters of The Little Pony of mine is able to get all the favorite ponies of theirs or even discerning their very preferred from: Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Derpy Hooves, Princess Twilight Pinkie and Sparkle Pie. Each magnet even offers a preferred pony thinking built-in too. Choose from Twilight Sparkle Future Looks Bright, Rainbow Dash In ten Seconds Flat, Fluttershy Yay, Derpy Muffins, Pinkie Pie Okey Dokey Lokey or perhaps Rainbow Dash twenty % Cooler Officially Licensed More My Little Pony items: My Little Pony Merchandise"

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