Aroma Adl-1 Delay Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Aluminum Alloy Housing True Bypass

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Features:Allows wide variety of delay time frame via 50ms to 400ms.Built in electronic integrated circuit.True bypass structure, prevent tone damage for a lot more control over your pedal.3 flexible knobs: Time, Feedback, LevelTime knob: Adjust the delay time(50ms to 400ms). To turn the knob clockwise improves the delay time, and therefore counterclockwise decreases it. Feedback knob: Decide the amount of times the hold off audio will be to be repeated. To turn the knob clockwise brings up the amount of repetition of hold off audio, as well as turning this knob totally counterclockwise gives rise to sole hold off sound.Effect Level knob: Control the production quality of the delay sound.Aluminum alloy cover, durable.Durable and sturdy jacks & foot switch.Designed with on or off LED, instructs influences status.Powered by a 9V AC power adapter or perhaps ) was included by 9v battery(neither.

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